Medical contract manufacturing - HMT Medizintechnik GmbH

Entreprise de taille moyenne + solides racines régionales +
succès à l’échelle européenne = 100 % HMT

HMT allie un service personnalisé et indépendant à la performance d’un producteur européen à succès pour des systèmes de tuyaux individuels.

HMT Medizintechnik will always be an independent medium-sized company
HMT has been one of Europe’s largest independent medical tubing set manufacturers for almost forty years. We have gained a wealth of expertise and an excellent reputation amongst users throughout Europe and beyond heart surgery during this time, and have grown significantly since the company was founded.

HMT Medizintechnik – a family-run business


1980: Company founded in Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria. Franz Scheele takes over the company in the late 1980s (joint acquisition with Bruno Schell in 2000). Franz Scheele played a central role as a manager in developing HMT as an enterprise up to his death in 2013.


2004: Major investments made, relocation to larger and better-equipped facilities in Maisach near Fürstenfeldbruck.


2012: Earthquake in northern Italy.Additional orders and a boost in order volume. HMT rapidly increased production towards making up for the loss of capacity to Italian competitors.


2014: Dr Detlev Lux appointed as the new company CEO early in the year. HMT remains as a medium-sized family-owned company after a change in ownership.


2017: Warehouses at the company’s Maisach location expanded to 1,500 square metres due to increased order volume forcing an increase in logistical capacity. This allows HMT to expand on its logistical services.

Founded as an independent medium-sized business, HMT has kept its flexibility and independence to this day. As an example, HMT works with all the popular manufacturers in cardiac surgery. This allows HMT to select the best components on the market for any custom contract manufacturing project.